PB & Pear Wrap {Macro Friendly Monday #6}


I realize that this does not look terribly appealing but it was delicious!


After seeing @Lorifitlife post about how not every meal needs to be “Instagram worthy,” I figured it wasn’t fair to be sitting on this deliciousness and not sharing it with you guys for the sake of aesthetics!
I topped a cassava / coconut flour Siete Foods tortilla with reconstituted PB2 powdered peanut butter (they also make an almond flour version for those who can’t have peanuts), and sugar free homemade pear sauce that my mom made using Splenda!

                                                              🥜 🍐

You could also use sugar-free applesauce, or Smucker’s sugar free strawberry preserves in place of the pear sauce! I have not braved into the world of home canning yet, but my mom keeps me well-stocked!

If you want to get fancy, try adding LorAnn Oils pralines and cream super strength flavors to the PB2. Game changer!
In keeping with my #MinimalistMealPrep philosophy, this was a quick and easy meal!
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Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever tried canning at home?
2/ Does this sound good enough to try, even if it doesn’t look good!?

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