Stop Playing Small

I wanted to share a few thoughts that are on my heart. These are things which I feel are important to address in light of the ways the Lord may be calling you to embrace growth and change!

Satan tries hard to sell women the lie that we need to be small and fit in. Whether it’s our physique or our personality, he often uses the same approach. Society has bought into this thought process and perpetuates the problem; especially the “diet” mentality. Stop buying into the lie that you have to be less!

Sister, let me tell you something! You—yes YOU—were born to stand out and fulfill a purpose that only you can! We often downplay our strengths and/or play it small with good intentions—to keep from hurting others feelings. We don’t want them to feel bad about our good outcomes. But why!? The truth is that seeing you succeed actually gives others hope in their ability to also accomplish great things. So *do* *not* *downplay* what you know you were called to excel at! Point the glory for your successes to the Lord and inspire hope in the dreams of others!

We share these principles a lot on Dashing Dish and they often come up during our Stronger Together Challenge program. It is more universal than I think we recognize and can be isolating if someone doesn’t make it “safe” to discuss. That’s what I love about small group and 1:1 coaching!

So, all this to say: start rocking your uniqueness and God-given gifts! Make no apologies for being different than what society praises as beautiful, because society has unfortunately been conditioned to apply the principles of a fallen world, rather than the truth of God. A Proverbs 31 woman is within each of us! I am praying her traits over anyone reading these words now: Strong. Bold. Wise. Confident. Caring. Loving. Giving. Unique. Joyful. Peaceful. Prudent. Faithful. Virtuous. Honorable. Kind. Praiseworthy. May we look to these and the truth of God’s word as our source of value to offer the world, rather than to be tied up in the temporal things! Amen!


Reader Questions:
1/ What is something you have on your heart that you may have been hesitant about, but realize that you need to step boldly into?
2/ Have you struggled with this kind of thought process in the past, or even now? How do you manage those thoughts?

P.S. If any of this resonates with you and you’re ready to get more help, you can always find what works for you here!

| Kaci

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