Macro Friendly Mondays — Power Foods Strawberries & Dreams Bowl!

This is a super fast and extraordinary simple meal inspired by a KickStarter. I’ve actually planned it for my breakfasts this week, but it’s honestly delicious any time of day! One for the #MacroMicroBowl archives! I had this for breakfast today and I’m already dreaming about having it again tomorrow—hence the name 🤣

🍓 56g strawberries, diced (microwaved for 30 seconds)
🥒 180g shredded zucchini
🍚 18g Jasmine rice, cooked according to package (weighed before cooking)
🍗 112g ground turkey (weighed before cooking; I used 99% but I love 93% too), cooked
🥔 50g cooked butternut squash (I used frozen steamable spirals)
🧂Liberal salt, pepper, & thyme

👩🏻‍🍳 Instructions:
1️⃣ Mix everything except for the strawberries in a bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals until desired temperature is reached.
2️⃣ Add spices and taste; add more as needed to preference.
3️⃣ Toss in the strawberries. Mix well.
4️⃣ Enjoy!

📝 Notes:
❗️You could swap the butternut for cooked carrots or sweet potato.
❗️You could also use shredded chicken or any ground meat of choice.
❗️Play around with ingredient quantities to suit your macro needs.
❗️I meal prep my jasmine rice, squash, and meat, then shred several zucchini so it’s easier to throw together these bowls each day!
❗️I bet this would also be yummy if you swapped the jasmine rice with a cream of rice!

📌 Save for later and share with a friend who might want to try it!

PSA: My #MacroFriendly posts can be used as ideas for those who use a #MindfulMacros approach (AKA not tracking, but structuring meals based on how their body responds best to protein, carbs, and fat) as well. This is the goal place for some to reach after they learn the ropes by tracking for a period of time. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to find your forever way to eat!

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| Kaci

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