Turning Knowledge Into Action

If you have experienced the “Kashey method” firsthand, you know that it is a fiercely individualized program where we:
1 – Gather information
2 – Learn stuff
3 – Use what we learned to learn more stuff

If you’ve not experienced @DrKashey’s method firsthand, I’ve got you covered—Here’s some quick highlights you can use to apply to your own process!

🔐 Gathering information:
Keeping tabs on yourself leads and gathering information can help us make progress on accident. Simply paying attention changes the way we act. But if we really want an edge, that involves…

🔐 Linking information to action:
For serious results, it is not enough just to measure information. We need to act ON purpose WITH purpose. That means the information we gather first needs context. Then it needs connection. Once we can take the information we gather, give it context and connect it to action, we need one more element to set us up to win. Which leads to…

🔐 Acting with autonomy:
Successful individuals select what activities they would focus on each day, thus building a repository of helpful skills AND learning how to self-direct using the information they gathered. Having autonomy over HOW we move closer to where we want to be gives us a fighting chance.

Understanding (and acting) on this will certainly start you on your way. But remember, TKN has your back, and Dr. Kashey developed an entire program to help you apply this specifically and practically. Need some helping becoming the person required to achieve big things? In the last 2 years, TKN has helped over 3,000 members develop the skills necessary to become the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of themselves. If you’re ready to do the same, head to this link 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 chat with me about the Trevor Kashey Nutrition Kickstart program!

Want a taste of what working with us is like? Join The Best Nutrition Group EVER for FREE here

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