Macro Friendly Mondays — Half Baked Oreo Protein Fudge Brownie Baked in an Acorn Squash!

Today’s #MacroFriendlyMondays post is a recipe review! If you don’t follow Haylee, do it now! She is an absolute queen when it comes to healthy, high-protein dessert recipes of all kinds!

I’ve made this recipe several times now and baked it in a dish (see below for those pics), but I decided I wanted to get creative the other day and baked it in an acorn squash! I followed her recipe pretty darn closely (see notes below).

To make the squash version, I used half the batter in each half of a precooked acorn squash. Macros shown in the photo are for one of 2 servings (each squash half is a serving). Total recipe nutrition was factored using the full brownie recipe and 16 oz of cooked acorn squash, divided by two. See below for nutrition for just the (full) brownie. Head here for the full recipe and instructions!

📝 Notes:
❗️Products used: I used Hershey special dark cocoa, Philadelphia 1/3 less fat cream cheese, Equip Foods chocolate beef protein (for the brownie), Vegan Smart vanilla pea protein (for the cream filling), and Chobani zero vanilla Greek yogurt.
❗️I also used 3 Splenda in the cream part (accounted for in the nutrition) and dark chocolate stevia drops in the brownie.
❗️Adjustments: I used 15g cream cheese and 5g of the pea protein in the cream part. I also only needed 14g liquid (I used water) in the brownie due to the type of protein powder I used.
❗️Nutrition for just the brownie (the entire thing) if you want to make it without the squash is 253 Calories | 5F | 16C | 36P.

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| Kaci

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