Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Why? Although there’s a few exceptions to the rule, generally speaking, any solution that creates an additional problem in the process of resolving one shouldn’t be considered a viable option.

What does this have to do with our health goals and habits? Glad you asked!

Just because you can do something to move toward your goal doesn’t mean you should do it.

Let’s utilize finances as an analogy for perspective… If you’re trying to pay off debt and build up your savings account, there’s lots of things you could do, but let’s look at just a few examples:

💵 You could cut your spending ridiculously low and live like a miser, but life would also be miser-able (ha, see what I did there) without some discretionary spending for social activities and enjoying a few of your favorite things here and there.
💵 You could lie on your taxes in order to keep more of your income and distribute it accordingly, but you’ll have to compromise your value system and potentially pay higher consequences later.
💵 Or, you could come up with a reasonable budget, a plan of attack for your debt, and and effective means of setting aside some for savings.

Back to health goals and habits… Let’s say you want to lose some fat and improve your physique.

🎯You could slash your intake unreasonably low and cut out all the higher calorie foods you love, but you’d likely feel horrible, sacrifice some muscle, hate your meals, and eventually rebound when you got burnt out.
🎯You could exercise every single day without taking any rest days, but your physical and mental health would suffer.
🎯Or, you could create a modest calorie deficit using strategic macro numbers, some higher volume / nutrient dense foods, and include some fun foods so you are energized, don’t battle unnecessary hunger, and actually #LikeHowYouEat. You could create a realistic, but also challenging exercise schedule with planned rest days so that you #LikeHowYouMove, get excited about progress, and have adequate time to recover.

When you choose to do anything to move toward goals, remember the 3 Es to filter your actions. In order to be a viable options, the behavior should be Effective, Enjoyable, and (relatively) Easy.

Enjoyable = consistency.
Effective = results.
(relatively) Easy = actionable.

Behaviors that are all 3 will be those which you can generally trust to lead you to successful outcomes; ones that will solve problems without creating additional problems in the process.

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Reader Questions:
1/ What part of this was most helpful?
2/ Which “E” do you struggle with most when it comes to habits? Ones that are (relatively) easy? Ones that are effective? Or ones that are enjoyable?

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| Kaci

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