Kaci’s FridayFind — PlateMate Magnetic Hex Weights!


Shoutout to @LoriFitLife for recommending these! In the event that you have a limited set of dumbbells at home, these are super handy! They add 1.25lbs each so you can turn your dumbbells into the incremental weights you need in order to implement progressive overload without buying all the various weights.

The description says that they only work on larger dumbbell sizes, but they hold just fine on even my lowest 5 lb dumbbells. The description also says that they won’t stick to rubber encased weights, but again, the magnets hold just fine on the one dumbbell I have that is covered. No promises though if that’s all you have.

Make sure you order two pairs if you plan to use them on both ends of two dumbbells at the same time. I made the mistake of ordering one set and will have to order an additional pair. I got them on Amazon here.

I would say that they are small enough to take with you to the gym as well. In the event yours has limited sets of each weight of dumbbells and you often have to wait for someone to re-rack and be done with any specific weight, these would be handy. They also make donut-shaped and brick magnetic weights too!

Reader Questions:
1/ What genius home piece of equipment would you recommend I add to my arsenal?
2/ Do you work out at the gym or at home?

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