Five Tips For Finding Personal Growth Content {FTT}

I’m always studying one thing or another. Not only for expanding my knowledge base, but also to make connections between ideas that I haven’t had before. I’m also interested in taking ideas and making them both relatable and actionable—knowledge without implementation is not very useful. The thing about the pursuit of personal growth is that you can tap into an excitement and fascination with things that will allow you to do the hard work necessary to accomplish big things without burning out. You consume, then you share with others and create from ideas that have been sparked. It’s a feed-forward cycle. Here’s 5 tips for how to get new and interesting information that’s easy to consume.

1️⃣ Listen to Audible books. I love reading “real” books, but I can actually read more books in less time if I listen to them. Not only because I can multitask (listen while driving, walking, working out, etc.), but also because I can listen on 2x speed. I subscribe to get one book/month and sometimes buy more via @amazon if they are cheaper than the hard copy. I love that you can keep your books in the event you ever cancel your membership—not that I’ll ever cancel! I have a highlight with my audible library which I update regularly.

2️⃣ Watch Ted talk videos online. My husband and I have a bucket list goal to attend a live Ted event one day, but there are more videos online than you could ever listen to! Almost anything you can think of, there’s a high level, evidence-based talk on the Ted site. P.S. Our big bucket list goal is to *give* a Ted talk one day.

3️⃣ Listen to podcasts. Some of my favorites are sermons and faith-based content to learn more about the truth of the word of God, but I also love learning about my areas of interest like habits, health, nutrition, fitness, etc. This is another favorite thing to listen to while driving or working out.

4️⃣ Watch YouTube & IGTV videos. I love these for skill-based learning. If I need a demo or how-to, this is my go-to method of learning because I can see what they are explaining being demonstrated.

5️⃣ Sign up for free online summits and webinars. There are a plethora of people doing free trainings as lead generators for their paid programs, coaching programs, or other services. You can get some very valuable information. The other great thing is that when you sign up for one, you usually get notifications about similar webinars and summits by being on that email list. Plus, you might even find that you want to join the course, program, or mastermind that is being sold after you get a taste of the content. You can always unsubscribe if you aren’t interested in getting their emails at any point. I use these a lot for business development and for staying current with cutting edge medical information. Even if I’m not currently practicing medicine, I still thoroughly enjoy studying it.

🎰 Bonus Tip: Join a small group or book club. There is nothing like learning with others because it offers multiple different perspectives on the subject being covered.

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s your best tip for personal growth?
2/ Which of these tips do you want to try first?

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