Five Tips For Paying Off Debt {FTT24}

If you are struggling with debt and have not already watched this vlog surrounding this subject, I think you would find it helpful. I talk about how I set up a plan that paid off six figures of debt in roughly 7-8 years. It’s a terrible feeling to be limited by your debt. Even if you make a decent income, if you are not intentional to pay it off, it will take forever. Our society trains us to live above our means and take on ridiculously long payment plans. I don’t believe that that creates the freedom and abundant life God called us to live. We want to be able to manage our own financial state so that we can pour out a blessing into the lives of others. Remember, just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal. Here are some basic tips for getting started on the journey to being financially strong!

1️⃣ Track your spending. It sounds crazy, but just like logging your food, keeping tabs on your spending will help you cut back. Just by being aware and having data on your spending, you will find ways to improve.

2️⃣ Stop buying things just because they are on sale. Getting a deal is not a deal if it is not something you would have purchased anyways. Use what you already have. I can promise that you have more clothes than are really needed. It’s OK to rotate through the same things frequently. There’s more food in your cabinet and freezer then you could consume in a week so skip groceries this week. You get the idea. Apply it to everything from cosmetics to cleaning products.

3️⃣ Sell expensive hobby / household items. This one may hurt a little, but I can promise you it is well worth it. Remember—you can always purchase items again in the future once your debt is paid off. Do you have sporting equipment, furniture, an extra vehicle, maybe even a boat? This could be especially helpful for things which you only use a few times a year. The cost of renting equipment when needed is much lower and would not offset what you could earn by selling it.

4️⃣ Find a way to earn more. Either with picking up extra hours at your job or with a side hustle. If you don’t know where to start with a side hustle, don’t over complicate it! Drive for Uber. Or sell thrift-store / garage sale items on Poshmark or eBay. It could be art that you sell on Etsy. It could even an in-person service. What’s the problem that you could solve? What something people are asking you about often? That’s a good place to start when coming up with ideas. Find a way to pull in extra cash that you can throw towards paying off your debt.

5️⃣ Use the debt snowball method. Once you have identified ways to cut back spending and to earn more, it is time to get to work! Take that money and put it towards either your smallest debt, or the one with the highest interest rate; which ever makes more sense in your specific case. Once you pay off the first debt, you roll that payment along with the extra money into the next one, and so on. Your debt will be gone before you know it! And I can promise you it feels SO amazing!


Reader questions:
1/ What’s your best tip for saving money?
2/ Have you outlined a debt payoff strategy?
3/ Are you debt free and if so how did you get there?

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