On Leaving Things Unfinished…

One of the best lessons my business coach Jill Coleman taught me was to look for opportunities to learn / share insights as you come across them in your day-to-day life. This is one such pearl of wisdom—pun intended.

I found this barely begun-to-form pearl in my birthday dinner oyster. Tiny though it is, it’s still a pearl, yes. However, it will never be useful for much more than shedding some insight since it wasn’t allowed to fully develop. It got me to thinking, what “pearls” have we started and not finished in our own life? What things of value are you not allowing to come to fruition for one reason or another? What dreams have you put on the back burner because life seems too chaotic? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the burden that God put in my heart to get pushed to the side and never fully develop.

Out of discomfort comes something of beauty… The piece of sand that irritates the oyster is a lot like the burden that the Lord puts in each of our hearts for something very specific to each of us; something only we were designed for and only we can do.

Unfortunately, like the oyster and pearl I encountered the other day, not every burden is seen through to fruition. Because unlike the oyster, we get to choose what we do with our discomfort. We decide if we are going to step into the unknown and embrace the struggle it takes to ultimately create some thing of beauty and value to offer to the world, or if we will continue to play it safe and forgo creating our beautiful gift.

When it comes to your burden, you might not have all the details figured out; I can promise you I did not when I first got started. However, as you take action, things will begin to clarify and you’ll see what the next steps are. I can also tell you that things look much different than I imagined; they are even better! The Lord just asks us to be obedient with what we can and to surrender the process to Him. Be faithful with each piece of the puzzle. He will take care of the rest and let us know in due time what the full picture looks like.

Reader Questions:
1/ What is currently on your heart?
2/ How can I pray for you in this process?

If you need some help digging deeper and want to talk it out, you can book a call with me here!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!

| Kaci

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