#75Hard Day 50: My Macro & ED Recovery Story—The 10 Minute Version {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 50: My Macro & ED Recovery Story

Hard to tell the full story in only 10 minutes—and to summarize this one in bullet points like the others! In this video I’m sharing:
▶️ How I found Macros after I started weight training.
▶️ How the Lord used it to heal me of ED mindsets.
▶️ How I learned to operate with freedom rather than limitations around food.
▶️ How I overcame harmful behaviors with food.
▶️ How I learned to honor the Lord with my food choices/behaviors.
▶️ How I learned to enjoy how I eat and enjoy healthy eating. Finding @dashingdish was a game-changer!
▶️ How I build satisfaction into every single meal every single day—including #DessertEveryDay.
▶️ How I plan splurges without guilt, then get right back on track to eating that makes me feel my best.
▶️ How @jillfit’s approach of @moderation365 helped me become mindful about my food choices, intentional with my eating behaviors, eliminate food FOMO, end all-or-nothing thoughts about food, ditch the chronic dieting mentality, and heal my relationship with food. #Moderation365 taught me to eat the same Monday-Thursday that I do on weekends. It allowed me to like how I eat ALL the time, every day so that I never feel deprived and go overboard as a result. Over time and with practice, I was finally able to break free from the restrict then binge cycle.
▶️ Need help with any of these thugs? My #MealMasteryMentorship program is designed to walk you through this journey instead of having to figure it out alone. Head here for more details!

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