#75Hard Day 49: The Illusion Of Perfection {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 49: The Illusion Of Perfection

▶️ This side of heaven, it will never be possible for us to achieve perfection in any area.
▶️ We will experience perfection only in heaven. Even our understanding of perfection (what the Lord encompasses) is only a glimpse because we are unable to experience His fullness until we are made like Christ.
▶️ If perfection is your standard, you will always be disappointed.
▶️ Once you understand that perfection isn’t possible, it removes the pressure to perform.
▶️ You can then shift your focus to progress; the pursuit of growth.
▶️ Even growth isn’t linear and will have ups and downs but that is all part of the process. All of it works together for your good and your growth.
▶️ Release from the pressure of perfection allows us to understand the pleasure of progress.
▶️ We can’t predict the future and therefore, we cannot make perfect decisions in every scenario.
▶️ Unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment. If you fall in love with the process of growth then you’re going to be excited throughout the process.

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