Streamline The Process

One big piece of advice I have for your healthy eating journey is to streamline the process. Not only to find foods that you enjoy eating, and which make you feel your best, but also finding a method of having food prepared that works for you.
For me, I like something that doesn’t take a ton of time to prepare and is versatile. Meaning, you make something regularly, but swap some of the basics (ie, use different proteins / veggies / sauces / mix-ins / extracts) and you have a totally different meal / recipe without a lot of thought. This may not seem significant, but the less thought involved, the less mental energy you spend, and the more you willpower you will have remaining for those other decisions and challenging tasks.
The #MacroMicroBowl (aka hot/cold salad) with roasted veggies and meat over a chopped salad is one of those meals for me. Some other ideas for meals that have the same basic recipe, but which can be totally transformed with some ingredient swaps: overnight oats/hot oatmeal, protein shakes/smoothies, salads, scrambles/omelets, stir-fries, soups, protein bars, protein pancakes/muffins/cookies/breads, etc.
Reader Questions:
1/ What’s one of your go-to meal prep recipes that you can change up the flavors or ingredients with?
2/ Do any of the above sound good to you?
P.S. These are the types of things I help my clients troubleshoot in my 1:1 Meal Mastery Mentorship Coaching Program. Want a taste (see what I did there!?) of what it is like to work with me in that way? Head to here to get a Meal Mastery Nutrition Audit with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee!

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