Kaci’s Friday Find — Incremental Weights!

Kaci’s Friday Find is a way for me to share something I feel is useful, valuable, interesting, or new that will make healthy living / practicing healthy habits easier, more effective, and / or enjoyable!


I ordered these incremental / fractional weight plates off of Amazon and have absolutely loved them! You can add them to cable machines or to weight plate style barbells / dumbbells. This allows you to add weight when you might not be ready to advance to the next plate up yet! They come in a bag which makes taking them to the gym super convenient too.

I ordered got a pack of 2 sets; 4 of each weight and am glad I did. I use them all the time to try to get more weight on the bar. Next up on my wish list… Powerblock adjustable weights! I am thinking I’d like the square shape of that brand so I can do pushups on them. I haven’t tried any of the brands before, so feedback is appreciated! For now, I think these are a good way to purchase budget-friendly weights that are in-between my standard dumbells!

In case you are interested, I did a full post on how to get set up with a home gym for weight training without breaking your budget!

And if you need more help with healthy habits, head here!

| Kaci



Reader Questions:
1/ Have you seen or tried these before?
2/ Have you used adjustable weights before? What brand do you like if so?


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