Weekly Quotes #5 {7/7/19 – 7/14/19}

A collection of thought-provoking, encouraging, enlightening, and inspiring quotes from various sources that I have come across this past week!

I get asked often for the references to quotes I use. This series is a way for me to keep track of and share the good ideas I come across each week! Where applicable, links are included in case you wish to dive deeper!


“How we handle what comes against us says a lot about Whom we serve.

“I read this and realized the reality that serving Christ whole heartedly can be messy and uncomfortable.

…How some people will think you are crazy.

…How you may be judged so much more because of a wrong.

…How from time to time you will have to fight the mental battle that says, “What’s the point?” And “This is too hard.”

The day that you forget you are in warfare is the day condom nation and fear will consume you. We keep pointing or energy to the enemy win really our energy needs to be focused on what God is up to.

God will use what the enemy meant to destroy you. He will work it out for your good.”

—Jessica Hottle via the swHw app (swHw = She Works His Way) devotional titled “Endure with Patience” (July 8th)


“Right now everything is changing again, nothing is certain, and you are free.

Everything in life is temporary. Nothing lasts. Every moment gives us a new beginning and a new ending. We literally get a second chance every second.

Every time it rains, it stops raining. Everything that goes up comes down. After darkness there is always light—we are reminded of this every morning, but somehow we don’t see it.

SEE IT! Right now, let yourself see the truth.

You are a product of your past, but you don’t have to be a prisoner of it. You become a prisoner when you cling to what no longer exists. So remember that if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. It may be hard, but you CAN let go, and to a certain degree you must…

You have to let go and accept the feeling of not knowing exactly where you’re going next, and train yourself to love and appreciate this freedom. Because it is only when you are suspended in the air, with no destination in sight, that you force your wings to open fully so you can fly. And as you soar around you still may not know where you’re traveling to. But that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the opening of your wings. You may not know where you’re headed, but you know that so long as your wings are spread, the winds will carry you forward.”

—Angel Chernoff (of Marc and Angel Hack Life) via an email titled “1 Good Sign You Will Be OK (Even If You Don’t Feel OK Right Now)”


“When you have one of those bad moments in life, you can either be broken, or you can be broken open.”

“The heart yearns for fusion with another, the soul yearns for righteousness.”

“The problem you have is not going to be solved at the level of consciousness on which you created it. You have to expand to a different level of consciousness.”

“Happiness is good, it’s the expansion of self… Joy is not the expansion of self, it’s the dissolving of self… Joy is a better thing to aim for than happiness.”

—David Brooks via The Lies Our Culture Tells Us About What Matters


“You don’t have to scale the mountain all in one day. Little wins add up.”

—Elizabeth Benton from her book Chasing Cupcakes (from Episode 1303 of Optimal Living Daily)


“Your love for God and your love for the world are in constant competition.

The best way to stop loving the world and the things of it? Love God more. Our affections for the world and the things of it don’t need to be reduced; they need to be replaced.

Filling our hearts with the love of our Father is the only way to break free from the idols of this world. Otherwise, will spend our lives moving from idol to idol rather than making God the sole Recipient of our worship and the primary source of our affection.”

Michelle Myers via the swHw app (swHw = She Works His Way) titled “Replace > Reduce” (July 9th)


“You don’t have to do 100 things perfectly. You only need to do a handful of things fairly well – just make sure they’re the right things!”

Jill Coleman [TTE] Week 31 email titled “Not All Nutrition Decisions Are Equal”


“We are here for three reasons and three reasons only… To learn, to teach, and to love. Everything that happens to you can be used to these ends if you will allow it.”

Jade TetaHuman 365 July 10th


“When the enemy wants to disrupt your destiny, he does it with discouragement. He wants to take your courage away so that you will receive the promise of God but not have the confidence to act on it.”

Steven Furtick via One Minute Motivation (sign up for them here)


“Our work doesn’t just produce something, it prepares a space for God to move.”

Emily Copeland via the swHw app (swHw = She Works His Way) devotional titled “Prepare Space” (July 10th)


“When we let God fight for us, it takes the pressure off of us so that we can just enjoy being still in His presence.”

Liz Patton via the swHw app (swHw = She Works His Way) devotional titled “Let Go Of Your Grip”  (July 11th)


“Becoming a person who dreams wildly, lives differently, loves recklessly, and leads courageously all for the glory of God could end up smack dab in a middle of the life Jesus describes as, life to the full!”

—Tim Mannin; Day 1 of the devotional titled “Doing Things That Matter” (via the YouVersion Bible app)


“Find the mental path that not only leads you up out of failure, but teaches you to be happier and more successful because of it.”

Shawn Achor


“There’s nothing that I love more than watching a woman step into who she is.”

Suzanne Eller via More Than Small Talk episode 21: Your Beautiful, Messy People

Note: This quote ↑ perfectly sums up why  do what I do with coaching!! 

My Mission:

I teach women of faith how to equip themselves with healthy habits, mindset skills, and efficient self-care so that they can walk in freedom and abundant life, show up as their best self in service of others, and are able to function at their highest capacity in order to fulfill the God-given purpose for their life!


“Every day we can make decisions that will affect our well-being and that matter to the health of the people we love the most. Days add up over a lifetime, so the decisions we make every single day matter more than we realize.”

“The decisions you make without thinking every day, the choices that aren’t serving you well, add up.”

Melissa Michaels via her book Dwelling: Simple Ways to Nourish Your Home, Body, & Soul, page 107, page 109 (this book is phenomenal by the way and I highly recommend it!) Check out her site too!




Reader Questions:
1/ Do any of these resonate with you?
2/ What’s the best quote you came across this week?

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