Do You Struggle to Stay “On Plan?”Don’t Eliminate… Integrate!

An TKN, people often come to us with a long-standing history of yo-yo dieting. It’s not that they can’t lose weight, it’s that they can’t sustain the weight loss.

Why is it that so many people struggle with this issue? Obviously, there’s all kinds of factors which are unique to the individual, but there’s also a slew of reasons which are common for many across the board.

Anyone can follow a strict plan or program for 12 weeks and see some results. But if they don’t also address the mindset and behaviors that surround the decisions which are being made about nutrition and habits, we all know what happens afterward… Things revert right back to the way they were, and the weight creeps back on.

TKN does it differently! We don’t tell you what you can and cannot eat. Instead, we help you determine what foods work best for you, how to structure meals in a manner that’s both realistic to your lifestyle and enjoyable to your tastebuds, how to do this regardless of the context, and most important of all, how to include ALL foods! Whether you’re meal prepping for a busy week, or want to dine out with your family at a restaurant, we teach you the skills you need to be fully in control of the decisions that you make.

When you integrate foods you enjoy, as opposed to attempting to eliminate these foods entirely, you will be able to maintain consistency with your nutrition. When you understand that there’s no “good “or “bad “foods, any food can fit as part of the plan. No need for cheat meals. No need to “start again Monday.”

Ready to find your forever way of eating? Head to 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 to schedule a FREE call with ME to find out more about how Trevor Kashey Nutrition can help you figure out what works best for you! We can chat, strategize, and get you set up for success as YOU define it! The next round of 12 week KickStart program will be happening soon! So let’s go!

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| Kaci

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