#MacroFriendlyMondays — ALL Foods Are Actually Macro-Friendly!

Today’s #MacroFriendlyMondays post is not actually a recipe, but rather a reminder that literally ANYTHING can be #MacroFriendly. There are no good foods or bad foods, and anything can fit so long as you account for it! Obviously there are certain foods that make it easier to hit your macro targets while also being full and satiated, but giving yourself permission to include and enjoy fun foods which are mentally satisfying matters to the process as well! It actually helps in terms of breaking free of the yo-yo mentality and developing a sustainable lifestyle approach to nutrition.

There will be overlap between these things – nutritional density, physical satiation, and mental satisfaction – within all kinds of foods (i.e. what we think of as being inherently more “macro friendly” AND more calorically dense “fun” foods). There will also be foods that make you feel and function at your best, as well as those that you might love, but which might not necessarily love you back. The ultimate goal with nutrition decisions is discernment. That is, the ability to make informed and aware decisions that set you up for success, while also finding a happy balance to include fun things on occasion without a mentality that it’s somehow “off plan.”

Need help with the process of identifying a realistic and sustainable approach to nutrition that sets you up for success? Want something that addresses your relationship with food (i.e. all the habits and behaviors that come into play)? Head to 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼to schedule a FREE call with ME to find out more about how Trevor Kashey Nutrition can help you figure out what works best for you! We can chat, strategize, and get you set up for success as YOU define it! The next round of 12 week KickStart program will be happening soon! So let’s go!

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| Kaci

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