Kaci’s Friday Find — Your Future Self Will Thank You


If you caught my latest IG TV video, then you heard me list this book as one to know about. If not, head to watch Day 39 of the #75Hard Challenge on how knowledge can fail us if we don’t have 2 key things in place. I shared several of my favorite books surrounding inner transformation and habit implementation. This book is one of them.

Because I approach habit change with my clients from a Biblical perspective, you can imagine how excited I was on a former client shared this book with me. There are not a great deal of options available when it comes to focusing on God’s word says about the subject.

This book goes deep on the Biblical perspective of self-control and willpower in the context of how the Lord would have us view it and achieve it. I’ll go so far as to give an 11/10 recommendation on this book! I listened via Audible, but it is available in any format you’d prefer.

Not sure what the next steps of change look like for you just yet? That’s ok! Feel free to contact me here, or schedule a coaching call here!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!


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