#75Hard Day 18: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Rewrite Narratives {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 18: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Rewrite Narratives

▶️ We are often holding ourselves back by the narratives we tell ourselves (whether consciously or unconsciously).
▶️ We can rewrite these self-sabotaging narratives and belief systems and stop the limiting behaviors that result from them. This will ultimately change our outcomes.
▶️ In order to identify what actions steps to take in order to become the person who will ultimately achieve the outcomes we desire, we can start by looking ahead and then reverse engineer the process.
▶️ Take action in alignment with the outcome you want—even before you feel ready.
▶️ Surround yourself with people who will help you along the process. Seek out mentors and cheerleaders. Hire a coach. Yes, I’m biased, but because I’ve seen the impact based on personal experience, not due to occupation 😉
▶️ The @benjamin_hardy_phd Ted Talk referenced can be found here.
▶️ Business coach mentioned: @jillfit
▶️ @jadeteta quote mentioned: “It’s not leap and the net will appear, it’s leap and weave the net as you fall.”

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