Kaci’s Friday Find — Siggi’s Dairy Skyr!

You guys I never thought I would say this, but I am legit ruined for Greek yogurt. I tried this one week a while back when it was on BOGO Publix. I had always been curious, but it was pricier than the other brands so I just stuck with what I knew. I tried going back to some of the other vanilla brands which had previously been my favorite when they were on sale, but not even the sale price was worth it! It is so rich and creamy that you would be amazed it’s 0% fat. It also has more protein with 24g per cup!

I have been using the vanilla in my Jell-O / yogurt bowls religiously now. The plain version is pretty much on par with the taste of Greek yogurt, but it is also more rich and creamy. I love that the vanilla is sweetened with natural ingredients. If you’re put off by the artificial sweetener taste and some flavored Greek yogurts you will like this!

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you tried skyr?
2/ If so what are your thoughts?


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