Weekly Quotes #15 {9/15/19 – 9/21/19

A collection of thought-provoking, encouraging, enlightening, and inspiring quotes from various sources that I have come across this past week!

I get asked often for the references to quotes I use. This series is a way for me to keep track of and share the good ideas I come across each week! Where applicable, links are included in case you wish to dive deeper!

“Your story could be the key that unlocks the door to someone else’s prison. Don’t be afraid to share it”

—Toby Mac

“Our human tendency is to focus on what we can do, and if we let our focus linger there, pride creeps in. Unless redirected, pride not only creeps in–it can actually take over.

Despite the human tendency to focus on what you can do, choose to focus on what Jesus has done for you and what He can do through you.

God, we praise You for Your grace. It’s all too easy for us to make this life about us, but God, we only live because of You. Help us make humility a habit. Re-wire our brains to focus more on what You have done through us than what we can do. Then, give us bother the opportunity and the courage to share what You’ve done with others. We love You. Amen”

Michelle Myers in her devotion for 9/16/19 via the swHw app (swHw = She Works His Way)

“That which you hold, holds you.”
― Tony Robbins

“What makes you comfortable will ruin you and what makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow.”

—Bill Eckstrom in his Ted video Why comfort will ruin your life

“The more you love, the harder you fight. Both your ideas and your motivation must be right.”

Rachel Denhollander in her proverbs 31 devotional titled Do All Things in Love

“One of the most important moments in life is the moment you finally find the courage and determination to let go of what can’t be changed. Because, when you are no longer able to change a situation, you are challenged to change yourself… to grow beyond the unchangeable. And that changes everything.”

If you don’t allow yourself to move past what happened, what was said, what was felt, you will look at your present and future through that same dirty lens, and nothing will be able to focus your foggy judgment. You will keep on justifying, reliving, and fueling a perception that is worn out and false.

It doesn’t matter what’s been done; what truly matters is what YOU DO from here.

The best action you can take right now is changing your thinking, instead of trying to change the broken world around you.”

—Angel Chernoff (of Marc and Angel Hack Life) in her email titled When times are hard, remember this one thing…

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. via Benjamin Hardy in his Ted talk The 100 Percent Rule That Will Change Your Life

“Investor Josh Wolfe on the best advice he ever received:

“The best, most useful advice I ever got was from Jim Watson, [the scientist who discovered DNA], over tea at his New York apartment.

3 words, 2 meanings: Avoid boring people.”

James Clear in his weekly email newsletter 3-2-1 Thursday (subscribe here)

“What do you enjoy being good at?

What are you naturally good at that you enjoy doing?

Career satisfaction comes from doing what comes easily to you for and around people who value that skill.”

—Liz Brown in her Ted talk Work Flow: Finding Work You Love at Any Stage


Reader Questions:
1/ Do any of these resonate with you?
2/ What’s the best quote you came across this week?

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