Exciting News!!

I have mentioned before about how much I love my membership to the site Dashing Dish. I have been a member since May of 2013! Katie’s site was one that inspired me to start my blog, and I am so excited to share that I have been working with Katie and the team at Dashing Dish for just under a year now. Katie has allowed me to share posts with her readers that reflect my heart to ministering to women in the area of healthy living and overall wellness. I love having the opportunity to share a faith-based approach to healthy living. I also love getting to interact with and help serve the members in our Facebook community!!

Rather than posting here this week, I would love if you stopped by and read Get to Know Our Newest Team Member: Kaci Cheeseman on the Dashing Dish site this week! It is a post that is designed to help readers get to know me better, and I felt like it would be good to share more of my back story with the few readers I have here too! Let me know if you check it out!!

Also, make sure to check out the recipes, blog posts, videos, and workouts on the site while you are there! Many recipes and workouts are free to non-members…anything without a star means free access, and anything with a star is member’s only content. This gives you a chance to try before you commit to a monthly membership, but in my opinion, it is well worth the cost ($7 monthly, or $70 annually). All the videos and blogs are free access. In full disclosure, I am compensated for the content I contribute, but there are no affiliate links here! I just want to spread the word about what we have going on. 🙂

Also, if you are interested in reading more of my work on the site, here are links to some of my favorite posts I’ve contributed to date:

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15 ​Tips For Saving Money On Food

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5 Realistic Goals to Start off the Year

Tips to Start Enjoying Exercise Part 1

Tips to Start Enjoying Exercise Part 2

P.S. We have some exciting things coming your way over at Dashing Dish in just a few short months! Stay tuned!! Make sure you are following Katie here and here for more info as it is available!

| Kaci


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