You Asked For It! {Part 1: Meal Planning}

This post is the first in a series that I’ll be doing in order to answer some questions that I got from coworkers and friends. I’m so excited to share information that was requested specifically from others and I hope it is something you find useful.

Today I’ll be covering inspiration and resources for easy, healthy meals and meal planning, as well as a few of my go-to recipes and favorites from around the web.

What else will be coming at you soon? Glad you asked!

So far I have requests for healthy food swaps, healthy snacks ideas, positive mindset tools, and small, actionable strategies for making changes and implementing healthy habits. Anything missing that you might be interested in? Leave me a comment with your request, and I’ll add it to my list!

In no particular order, here are a few of my long-standing sites for healthy recipes and meal inspiration! (Click site title to go to the pages).

The Lean Green Bean

Lindsay is a registered dietitian who is also the mom of a toddler and a newborn. (Whew!) She has a lot of very simple, healthy, whole foods recipes. You’ll find meals for the whole family, inspiration for work lunches, and even freezer friendly grab-and-go breakfasts! She also does weekly meal preparation / inspiration posts, and has a meal preparation e-book for sale through her site as well. If you need help with the basics and how-to of getting started with planning ahead for the week, her info is for you. The site and the book, which I have purchased, are both excellent resources for those who are new to prepping ahead of time…something that I believe makes all the difference with staying on track with healthy eating.

My personal favorites and “must try” recommendations:

Sweet potato banana bites! (with cinnamon swirls!)
Cilantro avocado (turkey) burgers and “zoodles”

Dashing Dish

Here you’ll find anything from simple single serving meals (and desserts!) to elaborate (but easy!) holiday meal plans. Even your favorite restaurant meals made healthy (Ruby Tuesday, Panera, Olive Garden, and more! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, and dessert…it is ALL here! Katie provides all nutrition information, even Weight Watchers points, for her recipes. Anything marked with the star is for members only, but she has a TON of free things. The great thing is that you can look through and try all of the free recipes and information, which gives you a chance to decide if you want a membership. I have been a monthly subscriber for several years now. Oh! Bonus: the site is not just recipes, but workouts, devotions, tips on healthy eating, and so much more!

My personal favorites and “must try” recommendations:

Skinny Taste

Another site with all nutrition and WW points provided. Gina also has a cookbook and outlines her weekly meal plans if you want to follow her! A plethora of recipes with no meal category or type excluded.

My personal favorites and “must try” recommendations:

Miscellaneous Extras:

One of my current favorite “recipes” is to take the sauce ingredients (use everything but the oil) from this recipe and put them in the crock-pot with chicken breasts or a beef roast (any meat would work though). Then I cook it on low for about 8 hours, until the meat falls apart. You are left with shredded/pulled meat that has the perfect balance of flavor and moisture from the juices with the sauce mixture. This makes a very versatile yummy base for meals. You can add it to soup, use it to top salads, or just pair with roasted veggies for a full meal. I love making multiple batches and freezing individual portions for later use if I need a quick meal, or for work lunches when needed. Hubby loved it too. I have made the recipe as is outlined on the original post, and if you want to make it that way, it is also wonderful…it just takes a little longer.

pulled chicken, roasted veggies, sliced tomato, and avocado
pulled beef, green beans, and avocado
Falling apart in the crockpot!

Product Details

Tip: Use crockpot liners to make cleanup a breeze!

Another recent winning recipe is Paleo Pineapple Thai Turkey Meatballs. It could easily be made into meatloaf or burgers instead of meatballs. Such an easy recipe, and only a few ingredients! Find the sauce used here. I subbed frozen mandarin oranges for the onions—last minute swap when I realized I had no frozen onions. I also used 3 TBSP carton egg whites in place of the egg… because I was hoarding my last few whole eggs for poaching until I was able to go back to the store! I served them with sweet potato noodles (found at Wal-Mart by the fresh veggies) and spinach. I steam the sweet potatoes ahead of time, but the spinach cooks when the meal is reheated in the microwave.

Paleo Pineapple Thai Turkey Meatballs with sweet potato noodles and spinach

I hope you’ll be inspired to try a little meal planning of your own! Don’t get overwhelmed! Start with just one meal if need be. Scan for recipes during the week and pin them on Pinterest or email yourself the link to use later. I try my best to decide by the weekend what I’ll make for the upcoming week and have a grocery list ready. Then I spend a few hours on the weekend to prep for the week. Play around and you’ll streamline what works for you!

Reader Questions:
Which recipe looks best to you?
Will you try any of these?
What is your go-to easy, healthy weeknight meal?

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Thanks to Amanda for hosting the link up!

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  1. Love all of these ideas! I’m going to have to try the pulled chicken. I love that flavor profile!

    1. Girl it is so good! And so easy!

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