Leveraging Behavior

When faced with a frustrating stimulus, do you react or do you respond?

If we’re honest, most of us would admit that we react in ways which hamper our ability to net positive outcomes more often than we would like. We throw adult behavioral responsibility out the window and the toddler takes over.

Any stimulus – positive or negative – will generate feelings about what is taking place. This is natural. We are wired to make snap assessments in order to quickly discern if something is helpful or harmful.

When a stimulus is perceived as positive, our response typically does not pose an issue. However, when a stimulus is perceived as frustrating, it often triggers negative feelings. Our behavior in these types of moments can get us into trouble if we are not careful.

When negative emotions are the driving force, our judgment is clouded, and behaviors tend to be more reactive and less productive.

So how do we take control of our behaviors so that we become logically responsive in order to net better outcomes?

In between stimulus and response, there’s a period of time.

If you can expand that time, it will allow you to make better decisions, and you’ll get better outcomes as a result.

Negative emotions typically build and dissipate within the span of about 90 seconds. That’s not to say that a sucky situation wants to linger after that period of time, only that our tendency to pour gasoline on the fire can be reined in if we pause that long.

You can learn how to leverage your behavior to net better outcomes. TKN can help.

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| Kaci

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