Power Foods of the Pros

I’ve shared before how I have struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome since childhood. I’ve been to many medical practitioners and no one can seem to find a root cause or solution. For those who are not familiar with CFS, I’ll try to explain. It’s very unpredictable which is the hardest part outside of brain and low energy. I never wake up feeling refreshed, physical and mental stress both amplify the fatigue, and when it’s really bad there’s brain fog to the extent I can’t find the word(s) I’m looking for when talking. Add to it that it’s not something many people deal with or can understand and I often feel socially isolated and honestly like a burden to the people I love. Really nothing resolves the symptoms, but I mitigate as best I can with keeping a very regimented routine, maintaining a happy balance with exercise, and practicing preemptive stress management.

At one point a couple of years back, I tried doing the Whole 30 as an elimination protocol hoping something would give, but no success. Since starting the KickStart program, I have intended to do a different type of elimination protocol than anything else out there. One which Dr. Kashey put together himself called the Power Foods of the Pros. It’s waaaay more refined than other elimination protocols. It’s designed to help people identify foods that may be causing all kinds of systemic symptoms which they may not even be aware of as being related to food. Plus, across-the-board people experience improved energy, digestion, mood, hormone health, etc. while on the Power Foods. I’m hoping it will help me identify some potential dietary triggers. I will keep you guys posted as to how it goes if anyone is interested!

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P.S. For anyone who is interested in the Power Foods list + cookbook PDF, drop “I want Power Foods!” in the comments, or shoot me an email at kaci@kasheycommand.com and I’ll hook you up! If you’re interested in the FULL Power Foods Calibration + Reintegration Protocol Course that’s included as part of the Trevor Kashey Nutrition 12 week KickStart Program, let’s chat! Head to 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 to schedule a FREE call with ME! We can chat, strategize, and get you set up for success as YOU define it! The next round of the Program will be happening soon! So let’s go!

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| Kaci

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