Macro Friendly Mondays — Garden Veggie Cream Cheese Omelette!

If y’all have never tried using cream cheese instead of regular cheese in your omelettes, it’s going to blow your mind! Loaded with flavor and very #MacroFriendly!

I make three smaller sized omelettes in a 6 inch pan, but you could also make one large omelette in a bigger pan. I’ve been enjoying these lately as part of my dinner because who doesn’t love #Brinner!?

🥣 Ingredients (for 3 omelettes):
-276g liquid egg whites (92g for each)
-1oz steamed broccoli slaw (or veggies of choice), divided equally between each

🍽 To serve:
-1 serving (31g) reduced fat Philadelphia cream cheese garden veggie flavor
-Salt and pepper to taste

👩🏻‍🍳 Instructions:
1️⃣ Heat a small pan over low medium heat on the stove. Err towards lower heat so that your omelette cooks evenly and doesn’t bubble up. Spray heated pan with cooking spray. Add 92g liquid egg whites and 1/3 of your steamed broccoli slaw. Cover with a lid so that it cooks more evenly.
2️⃣ Once whites set, flip and cook the other side. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle with salt and pepper, then top with 1/3 of the cream cheese. Fold over (or leave flat if you want to eat open-faced).
3️⃣ Repeat this process to get three omelettes total.
4️⃣ Enjoy!

Nutrition for entire recipe:

📝 Notes:
👉🏼 You can always add more veggies for volume, but I used up some leftovers that I had or I would have added more.
👉🏼 Swap the veggies for fruit and use one of the sweet flavors of cream cheese!
👉🏼 Add crumbled bacon or sausage for extra protein!
👉🏼 Use any seasonings you prefer for flavor variations!

Reader Questions:
1/ Do you ever make your eggs omelettes sweet instead of savory?
2/ Have you ever tried cream cheese in your omelettes?

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