Five Tips For Structuring Your Workout When You Aren’t In The Mood {FTT27}

Some days we just legit don’t feel like it. It happens to us all. I posted the other day about what to do when you aren’t feeling well and how to know when to push and when to rest, but today I wanted to give you 5 tips for making your workout more enjoyable when you have zero interest in it that day.

1️⃣ Do sets of three. By the time you are on the second set, you can tell yourself you’re already halfway through that movement. When I know I only have one set left, I push it, even when I don’t feel like it.

2️⃣ Do circuits. For whatever reason, when I do circuits, I feel like I am moving at a faster rate and things go by more quickly. My mind stays focused continuously so I’m not getting bored and wishing I was done with my workout.

3️⃣ Have a go-to. Have a favorite workout or type of exercise that you ONLY reserve for those days where you don’t feel like working out the most. It could be a favorite benchmark workout (nothing like assessing progress to make you show up and give your best!) or a favorite form of movement (even if it’s something gentle like walking or swimming), or a favorite class at the gym.

4️⃣ Swap your days. If it is possible from a muscle recovery standpoint, and you have a body part split that you look forward to most, change up your days and do your favorite body part the day you are not feeling like working out. You’ll be more excited by doing the one you enjoy most.

5️⃣ Try something new. If you belong to a gym, see if there’s a class you’ve never tried before and go to that. If you work out at home, search a website like FitnessBlender where you can follow along with someone on video.

Reader Questions:
1/ Which of these tips sounds the most helpful to you?
2/ What’s your best tip for those days when you don’t feel like working out? Let us know below so we can add it to our arsenal!👇🏼

Do you struggle with finding exercise you enjoy? Please feel free to reach out to me directly here if you prefer to discuss things privately! Or, if you just want to schedule a call or jump into 1:1 coaching, you can do that too!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!


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