#MacroFriendlyMonday18 — #MuscleMash!



This one is definitely #StrangeButGood!

All credit to @tballard50 for inspiring the newest iteration of the #MacroMicroBowl. I have seen him prepping these meals for sometime now and finally hopped on the bandwagon. I’m sorry it took me so long!

There is no real “recipe” to follow with these. It’s more of just a mash up, hence the name. The gist of the set up though is a large quantity of super macro friendly cooked veggies and proteins along with some sauces/condiments and/or seasonings on top. I rarely see him post a #mashbowl without his French’s mustard on top. I have been digging making my own homemade honey mustard sauce lately and that’s what I drizzled on top of mine!

In my mash bowl as pictured below: Birds Eye savory herb riced cauliflower (thanks to my mom for this yummy find!) and Italian cheese riced cauliflower, seasoned cooked cabbage (I just used a bag of shredded coleslaw mix), Roasted bell peppers and onions, steam cooked (then roasted) spaghetti squash noodles, Green Giant Tuscan season 🥦 , kale, and 🥓 flavored ground turkey found Publix.


This week I’m switching up the spaghetti squash for butternut and the Parmesan cauli rice for cheddar (see photo below for brands and ingredients used. I forgot to include the kale in the pic; I just used chopped fresh).


P.S. Recipe for the #MacroFriendly honey mustard sauce coming soon!

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever tried cauliflower rice?
2/ Would you try this kind of mash up?

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Also, feel free to contact me via email if you have questions!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!

| Kaci

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