How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything? …Maybe Not!

I have a love hate relationship with this phrase.

On one hand, I totally agree. The passion that you show up with in one area of life often spills over into other areas of life and transforms them in a similar manner. For example, up until I found a love for lifting weights, I struggled with consistency in exercise my entire life. It was always something I didn’t enjoy but used only as a means to an end. That doesn’t work long term. When I embarked on the journey of dedication to weight training, it was actually enjoyable in and of itself. It was the disciple itself and how it made me feel to be a disciplined person that I loved. From there, the outcome (improved physique) occurred naturally. That new found love of disciple was the catalyst for getting my crap together in multiple other areas of my life that I was also struggling in. How I showed up for myself in lifting weights became how I showed up for myself in all areas of my life—financial, relational, spiritual, meant so, emotional, etc.

On the other hand, in order to do something extraordinary, we often have to operate not from a place of balance, but of counterbalance. What do I mean by that? Well, when you go all in on something, the energy and time have to come from somewhere. In such a case, you have to set clear boundaries and allow some things to go for period of a time. So how you do one thing *can’t* be how you do everything, because you can’t do everything; at least not all at one time. You can only give so much. You decide where you will show up, and to those things, you show up in this pattern of excellence that you have built.

So, how you do one thing is not how you everything, but how you do the intentionally selected things.

Life is about cycling seasons of focus. You can always shift the things you are internally pursuing to fit the place you are at any given time. But don’t make the mistake of trying to be all things in all seasons. Show up 100% where the Lord called you to be. That is how you end up being able to “do everything.“

How’s that for a curve ball? 😂

Thoughts? Tell me below!👇🏼

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