Five Tips For Boosting Confidence {FTT19}


In my coaching video that posted the other day (find it here), I talked about the keystone habit of weightlifting and how it was the catalyst for growing confidence and positive change in multiple facets of my life. Confidence was something that I struggled with the majority of my life. If I’m honest, I still have days where I struggle in certain areas. Regardless of what area are you struggling, going to work on your confidence in some capacity will ultimately spill over into your confidence in other areas. Here’s five tips to get started with building your confidence other than weight lifting, which if you aren’t already doing, you should also do!

1️⃣ Try something new. I know this seems strange, but trying something new and getting outside your comfort zone does wonders for making you feel empowered and encouraged. Whether it’s a new activity, a new recipe, a new craft or hobby, etc., find something you haven’t done before and give it a shot. You may find a new hobby in the process as an added bonus!

2️⃣ Teach something. When you’re able to make a direct impact on the life of someone else, it gives you a sense of value and purpose like nothing else. It also reiterates the fact that you are competent in an area. You don’t have to be that far ahead of someone, just a few steps makes a difference when someone is looking to grow.

3️⃣ Study God’s word. When you allow God’s truth and wisdom to truly work its way into your heart and mind, it changes you in ways you can’t even imagine. Gods perspective of us is so much different than our own flawed view. The more you study God’s word, the more you understand His heart towards us, and the more confident in who you are in Christ you will become.

4️⃣ Read more books. The more new ideas you expose yourself to, the more you learn and grow. Expanding your knowledge will change your perspective of yourself and others in a positive way.

5️⃣ Cultivate positivity. Look for opportunities to empower, encourage, and serve others. When you see that you have the ability to make a difference on the lives of others, it gives you a sense of freedom and confidence in who you are.

P.S. I want to be clear that the confidence I speak of here is deep and real security in who you are, what you stand for, what you love, and knowing you have the freedom to show up real and authentic in the world in alignment with those things. Many put on a façade of confidence that is actually a cover up for insecurity or take it to the extreme of pride. When we are truly confident in Christ and who we are in Him, it is a humble confidence that we show up in and points to Him as the source, not ourselves.


Reader Questions:
1/ How have you overcome a confidence struggle in your own life?
2/ Have any tips for boosting real and deep confidence that I missed?

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