He Will Lead You On Dry Ground!

I know you may feel like you have tried many times to overcome some of the things you’re struggling with at this time in your life. It may feel as though you will always be struggling, but be encouraged that with the Lord’s help, you can find a way through and overcome once and for all!
In Exodus 14 we see the Israelites up against what seemed like a hopeless situation. With the Egyptian army behind them and the Red Sea in front of them, it created an impossible to overcome situation. #ButGod.
When it comes to our struggles, we often try to find a quick fix or a workaround. I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t want to take the path of least resistance? We have good reasons and good intentions for why we want to get to our destination. But sometimes, just like the Israelites learned that day, the only way around is through.
Even where it does not seem like there is a way, the Lord can make a way. He can part the waters and have you walk through on dry ground. Did you catch that? Dry ground! You would expect that the ground the Israelites walked on would be wet. It was, after all, seconds before underneath the sea! I love that this detail was included. Not only will the Lord make a way, but He will attend to the details of finishing it for good. As long as you surrender control to Him, He will break every chain, and He will leave no residue of the obstacle you faced “sticking to your feet.”
Not only that, but at the same time He sets you free, He will use the impossible situation—the way He made for you—to destroy anything that the enemy has coming after you which would to bring you back into captivity. The way through to freedom for the Israelites was also a means of destruction for the enemy’s intent to once again lay hold on them.
What specifically are you struggling with today on your journey? Cry out to Him. Don’t be surprised if He leads you to an impossible place. Just trust!
As always, feel free to reach out to me for support or we can hop on a call (go here and scroll toward the bottom here)!

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