Kaci’s Friday Find — Equip Foods Beef Protein!


I’ve been using this protein since they launched the company, and I’ve mentioned it several times here on the blog, but I felt it deserves it’s own Friday find post! You can find recipes using it on the blog (company label was originally Pure Wod, but rebranded as Equip Foods). It comes in chocolate and vanilla. Both flavors are delicious, but I am partial to the chocolate.

If you’re concerned about the nutrition label, it is squeaky clean! Only three ingredients on the chocolate and four on the vanilla. It is Stevia sweetened and it has no artificial ingredients. For those who don’t care for Stevia, don’t be turned off by this product! I usually don’t like it in protein powder, but you would never know that it was Stevia sweetened. They must use a very high-quality blend. See below for nutrition label details!




The protein works beautifully in shakes, smoothies, making protein ice cream or fluff, no bake bites/bars, and in baking. A word of caution when you bake with it, it is somewhere in between temperaments of whey protein and vegetable based protein. It tends to make a batter that is more liquid than thick, but also keeps things very moist the same way the vegetable/vegan blends do. I love it in microwave mug cakes!

The best price at this time is found on Amazon, although if you sign up for their newsletters they send promo and discount codes as well!


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