How I Keep Grocery Shopping From Stressing Me Out + Healthy Grocery Shopping Guide {Free Download!}

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. I don’t mind online shopping, however I try to limit stocking up at the store in person for what I need to one time per week if it all possible. My husband and I go together so we’re not as annoyed by it and usually tackle the task first thing after church on Sundays.

Since I try to limit this errand to once a week, I get quite frustrated if I forget something on my list and have to make a special trip for it. Something that has really helped me with that stress is to keep a running list of the things which I purchase on a weekly basis, then I just add things which I only need to stock up on every few weeks and that I have run out of that week.

What I do is keep a note in my iPhone with things I will always need weekly (produce / perishables and that kind of thing). Each week, I copy and paste that list to a new note. I add to it throughout the week with any items which run out and need to be purchased along with those weekly items. Then on Sunday morning I either use the membership part of Dashing Dish to create a grocery list to print or write out my list to carry with me!

I also make sure to know which meals I am making as part of my meal prep for the upcoming week and add any items to the list which would be required for those recipes. I make sure to decide by Saturday evening what I’m preparing for the following week so that it gets added to the list for Sunday afternoon grocery shopping. if you’re a member of Dashing Dish, you can save meal grocery items directly to a grocery list there and print. As mentioned above, you can even add other items too, as you’re not just limited to importing items from the Dashing Dish recipes!

We typically make a run to Walmart followed by a run to Publix. I find it helpful to check the Publix weekly ads for their weekly BOGO sales the Wednesday that they come out. That way I know if something is going to be cheaper at Walmart or Publix. Occasionally I will make a trip to Winn-Dixie if they have any really good BOGO deals that week. I always check online before making the special trip though.

So about that freebie I mentioned… I get asked often about what foods / brands I like to use and which stores I get them at. Since I answer the same question frequently, I thought I would put together a grocery shopping list which you can download and keep handy! I’ll update it as needed with more things as I discover them!

My Healthy Grocery Shopping List includes all the things that I stock up on, tips on the best places to purchase the items I recommend, what stores run BOGOs, etc. You can download here! Feel free to share it with a friend!

Grab the list here: What Can Be Gained Coaching Healthy Grocery Shopping List


Keeping in line with my #MinimalistMealPrep philosophy, you can also download the #MinimalistMealPrep Meal Plan Template which gives you the most return for your meal prepping efforts with the least amount of time necessary on your part. The meal plan template is a tool that you can use in order to plan your lunch and dinner meals for the week! You only need 3 different recipes which make at least 4 servings each. Once you prep your 3 recipes, you can then rotate these 3 meals throughout the week without ever eating the same meal back to back!

Again, you can grab the PDF here: #MinimalistMealPrep Meal Plan Template

I highly recommend keeping a running list of meals to choose from on Pinterest. Y’all already know I make Dashing Dish recipes all the time. If you are a member of Dashing Dish, you can save meals to your recipe box by category right on the site and print grocery lists as I mentioned above too! You can even create your own categories if they aren’t already an option. If you aren’t a member, many of the recipes are still available to you too, but you will have to save them to Pinterest or print them to keep up with your ideas as you can’t save to your recipe box unless you are a member m.

If you know someone who might benefit from The Heathy Grocery Shopping Guide or the #MinimalistMealPrep Meal Plan Template, pass this post link along to them!

If you use the list or the guide, snap a pic of it or what you prepped, use #MinimalistMealPrep and tag me on Instagram @CheeseGirlPA, or Facebook Kaci Cheeseman!


Reader Questions:
1/ Gorcery shopping—do you love it or hate it? Do you keep a running list?
2/ Do you meal prep? If so, what is the hardest part for you? If not, why not?

Pssst… I’m asking for a reason! If you find something difficult, chances are others do too, so if it is a problem I can solve, I can address it in future posts! But… I won’t know if you don’t tell me! 😉

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