{1st Vlog!} Vulnerability, Facing Discomfort, & Building Self-trust!

Hello friends! So a while back, I started doing short videos for the Instagram TV platform and have been sharing them on Facebook as well. I know I have followers on different platforms, and some of you may not be on either of those. I don’t know why didn’t think to upload them to the site before now! Since there is some sequential info in them, I’m going to start with the initial video and then post each one in order so that they follow the same sequence of when I originally shared them.

I am NOT a master videographer, so don’t judge them based on that! I pray that you will be willing to look past my awkwardness and see through to the message I feel like the Lord wanted me to deliver in each one of these videos. Who knows, if I keep this up, I may actually get good at it in a few years 😉

Quick Recap of this video:

• We all have things which make us feel vulnerable and intimidated.
• These things can derail us from growth and our goals.
• Facing discomfort and the willingness to be vulnerable with others (in a safe environment) is a big part of our ability to handle what life throws at us.
• Choosing small ways to step into discomfort allows us to recognize we are capable of handling our fears and is how we grow in our weak areas.
• You can then handle these things better when they pop up unexpectedly.
• This is also important to the growth of our self-confidence.

Reader Questions:
1/ What things are you currently struggling with? What gets you tripped up? Specifically, what are those things that if you were able to finally overcome them would allow you to get further towards your goals?
2/ What things do you recognize in your own life which you may have been avoiding for these reasons? What action steps can you take to work your way through them so that they don’t interfere with your progress?

When I work with clients, we might be addressing things like self-confidence, exercise consistency, nutritional sticking points, and time management, but they all feed into a bigger purpose. That purpose is: addressing the root of the issue, pulling up that weed once and for all, and clearing out the garden so that you can go to work on cultivating what truly matters. In the end, I want you to be fully equipped and walking in freedom so that you can step into the abundant life (John 10:10) and SPECIFIC purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) that God designed you for! If this sounds like something that would be helpful, you can check out my 1:1 coaching options here, and all my other add-on coaching options here!

Are you ready?! Let’s get growing!

| Kaci

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