Banana-Apple-Oatmeal Microwave Cake {Healthy Hotel Breakfast Recipe} + Travel Tips

This healthy hotel breakfast creation came up on Timehop the other day. I don’t know how I neglected to share it here!

Travel doesn’t have to throw off your healthy eating! Make sure to scope out some local restaurant menus before you arrive. That way, you know what is available for lunch and dinner if dining out.
Breakfast is usually a bit more tricky…because temptation at the complimentary breakfast could get the better of us if not careful! It is hard to pass up food that you don’t have to pay extra for, so most people end up eating from what the hotel offers. Plus, who wants to leave to go get something when you can eat breakfast in your PJ’s? The things the hotel offers are all good choices though.
My biggest strategy is to come prepared! Besides bringing along some healthy staples and picking up a few more once you arrive, you can also get creative with what they have on hand at most complimentary hotel breakfasts. This recipe is proof of that 😉

Banana-Apple-Oatmeal Microwave Cake Instructions:

Mash half a banana and mix with a packet of oatmeal (I used plain, but maple brown sugar or apple cinnamon would be super in this). I brought some protein powder with me and mixed it in too, but that’s totally optional. Next, chop up an apple and mix it in. Add water to make a batter consistency. Spread on plate or place in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for about 1 minute, or until warm and set.
Optional toppings: reconstituted PB2, cinnamon, and cocoa which I also brought along on the trip. Not too bad for hotel fare! 🍽

Like I said, I added protein powder to this, but you may not want to. You will still want to balance your meal so it isn’t super carb-heavy.
Good options for a protein source to balance this with (and which are available at most hotels now) are boiled eggs or Greek yogurt. You could always just have the protein choice by itself for breakfast too, depending on your dietary needs.

Here’s another travel tip which may help improve your quality of sleep. This cake would make a great evening hotel treat too. Just make sure to grab the ingredients you’ll need during the breakfast hours and save them for #CarbsAfterDark!
Why are carbs after dark a good thing? Pre-bedtime carbs will actually assist in regulating your hormones in a way that will help you sleep better. I don’t know about you, but it can be hard to get good rest when sleeping in a hotel and not at home. 😴



Reader Questions:
1/ Do you pack foods to take with you on trips? If so, what are some of your go-to items?
2/ What do you normally eat when you stay at a hotel?

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