A Few of My Favorite Things #1

Just stopping in to share some of my favorite products as of late. I’ll try to start doing this more often!! 😉

No affiliate links, just sharing the love!


Flavored Egg Whites
There are several companies that make flavored egg whites, but the one I’ve tried and love is MuscleEgg. They have flavors like key lime pie, fruit cereal (think fruit loops), chocolate caramel, pumpkin spice, cake batter, and mint chocolate, just to name a few.

Because they are pasteurized, you can use them raw in your shakes and smoothies! They can also be used any way that eggs can! I love to make sweet omelettes with them. They would be really good in any recipes which call for egg whites and the flavor that use choose.
I recommend you try the mix and match 4 half gallons.


flex flavors

Flex Favors
These are little packets of Stevia-sweetened flavoring from Devotion Nutrition which you can add to almost anything! They come in little portable packets (a lot like crystal light packets) so you can keep them in your purse or lunchbox.

They come in flavors like birthday cake, monkey bread, fruity hoops (uh-mazing with the fruit cereal flavor Muscle Egg), coconut biscotti, creme brûlée, bananas foster, and more! You can add them to smoothies/shakes, oatmeal, eggs, baked goods, and more! I recommend you try the sample pack!

mct oil
MCT Oil Powder
I initially purchased this product from Perfect Keto as an alternative to coconut oil in my coffee. It is basically a concentrated form of the type of the healthy fats found in coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides). Your body uses these types of fats easily as an source of fuel, as opposed to storing it as fat. This means that adding them to your coffee is a great way to get your brain and your metabolism going in the morning! It is tasteless, other than being creamy.
An added bonus that I wasn’t expecting… the MCT oil powder made my coffee super creamy, so I don’t even need creamer anymore! I was never able to drink my coffee without powdered creamer, even knowing how bad it was for me. This brand of MCT oil powder has nothing artificial and makes my coffee creamy in the exact way that powdered creamer did.
A word of caution if you’ve never used coconut oil or MCT oil before… start with less than one serving and increase as time goes on. Some people experience some GI effects which you will adapt to with use. Basically, it helps to stimulate your GI system—which is actually a benefit if you struggle with irregular bowel movements 😉
If you have never ordered before, there is a 10% off code for signing up for the email newsletter. (scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email if the pop up doesn’t show up when you go to the site. I recommend you use the subscribe and save option for 15% off future orders.

kims magic pop
Magic Pop
These little gems by Delice Global are a super yummy, low calorie snack. It’s hard to describe the texture until you try them. They are kind of like rice cakes, but fluffy! They come in different flavors…some are sweet some are savory.
They also make Deli Pop which are more like a traditional rice cake, and mini ones too. I have not tired the rolls yet. Fair warning…The Bob Pop and the iced deli pop are both so good that they are dangerous! Especially the matcha and strawberry deli pop and the coconut Bob Pop. I actually didn’t find the chocolate covered deli pop to be anything special. I have not tried the caramel or cheese multigrain Bob Pop yet. Those are new to me!
My favorite flavors of the Magic Pop are sweet potato, honey wheat, and onion. The onion are REALLY good for dipping like chips, or using like toast if you like your eggs with runny yolks!
You can buy them in bulk from their site and some stores also carry them (mine don’t). If you buy them online, you can customize your order to mix and match flavors. It is an extra step. Once you add the multi pack to your cart, you can make a note to change flavors to how you want them. There is also a sampler pack that is a fun way to try a variety of their products.
I recommend the 6 combo pack or 12 combo pack and then customizing as mentioned above after it is added to your cart! The Super Combo Pack is a great way to try a variety of their products, but you can’t customize it like you can the 6 or 12 pack. If you join their email list, you get a coupon code for $3 off your first order of $35 or more.

| Kaci
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