S.O.A.P. Notes #4 {Psalm 119:114}

Time for another SOAP Notes devotional! If you aren’t sure what I am referencing, see this post for a full explanation of this series!

soap notes

Today’s key verse is Psalm 119:114 

S: You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for Your word [I put my hope in your promise].

O: Sometimes we are called to battle and other times we are not. This scripture reminds us that the Lord meets our needs in either circumstance. He is our place of refuge when it is not yet time for advancing. He is also our protection when we are meant to face a battle head-on.

A: It can be difficult to know when to fight and when to keep our peace. This scripture states that we are to wait on His word in order to know whether to fight or take refuge in Him. It reminds us that, if we are in alignment with Him, we can put our trust in His promise that He will show up in the way we need Him to. If we were to act out of alignment with His word (His instruction) we would not fare well. If we were to seek refuge when we should be fighting, there would be no where to go. Likewise, if we were meant to be in refuge, but choose to attack, we would do so without his covering of protection.

P: Father, I thank you that in all circumstances and at all times You are my protector. Whether I need to take refuge or stand and fight, You cover me and protect me. I give You praise for this. Amen.


Reader questions:
1/ Can you think of a time when the Lord led you to act or to wait and you obeyed even when it didn’t make sense?
2/ Looking back, can you see how it worked out to your benefit?

| Kaci


Thanks to Amanda for hosting the Linkup!

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