Bia Bar Review! {ToL #1}

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post (I actually have not yet had an opportunity to write one—if you are interested, let me know). I received a box of Bia Bars from the company, however it was not connected in any way to my decision to write this post. (See below for full details).

I shared briefly about these bars on Instagram, but I wanted to do a more thorough review, because these bars are seriously the best food find I’ve had in a while.

When I first stumbled across these bars, I was intrigued. I decided to give them a try and I ordered the 3 pack.

BIG mistake!

After trying the first one, I realized that I should have ordered a full box! (…and I promptly did).

I also ordered a box of 3 as a surprise for my husband. After trying them, he declared them to be like his mom’s peanut butter cookies, only better. I asked him what made him say so, ‘cuz that’s a pretty bold statement to make, but also because I wanted to share his opinion here as well. He said that the taste was just as awesome as her cookies. What made the bars win was the soft texture and that he could eat them knowing that they weren’t bad for him. (In case you are wondering, yes, he has shared this information with his mother! He also requested an order for a full box after trying one bar).

Look at that texture!!

My Overall Rating: I’m giving them an 11/10.
Why? Mathematical impossibility notwithstanding, they exceeded all expectations. That’s why. This is my blog after all, so I’ll bend the rules if I so choose!  😉

The details:

  • Accuracy of the name: 10/10
    It holds true to description. There’s a reason why it’s called peanut butter fudge. That is exactly what they are like. They taste like peanut butter cookie dough and have the soft, but dense texture of fudge.
  • Texture/mouth-feel: 10/10
    Soft, dense, and smooth. Not at all grainy, chewy, or chalky.
  • Flavor: 10/10
    Spot on for unbaked peanut butter cookie batter. Absolutely no weird aftertaste.
  • Freshness: 10/10
    They don’t have even a hint of being like packaged food. They taste like something you made fresh at home.
  • Ingredients: 10/10
    Peanut butter, honey, and whey protein, and oat flour. I’m always looking for healthy protein bar options. It is difficult to find options which don’t have a lot of questionable ingredients. At 4 main ingredients, these are hard to beat. They do list the breakdown of the main ingredients on the label. I realize that sourcing matters to some people (as far as the whey, stevia, etc.). I do not have information further than what is on the label. They are non-GMO, gluten free, and have no artificial additives or fillers!! The site says to eat within 90-120 days. We keep our stock in the fridge or freezer since they are semi-perishable, and since we like them slightly chilled.
  • Baking: 10/10
    I divided up a bar and made it into cookie shapes. I baked them at 350 for about 10 minutes. I literally ended up with little peanut butter cookie doppelgangers, except without the macros of peanut butter cookies.
bia cookies
Look at that texture!!
  • Price: 9/10
    True story: I’m cheap frugal, and I’m only scoring below perfect because of this. At $24.99 + free shipping for a box of 12, they are on point with other protein bars, BUT shipping is free. So they still win and they still get an A. Despite my reluctance to spend money on things, I know that sometimes you absolutely get what you pay for. (I may shop at Goodwill for clothes, but quality nutrition is one place I don’t cut corners).
  • Size: 9/10
    The bars weigh in at 2 oz/55grams. This is about the same as most protein bars. Again, just shy of perfect score, but only because they are gone too soon!
  • Macros: 10/10
    With 15g protein, 11g fat (please don’t fear fat!!), 23g carbs (14g sugar/3g fiber), and 220 kcal, they are perfect pre/post workout, or even for a light meal/snack. Also worth noting: only 1g of saturated fat, no trans fat, and they only have 110g sodium. For those who follow the Metabolic Effect Label Rule, the score=5!!bia nutrition label
  • Customer service: 10/10
    To sum it up in a single word… Wow! I saw on Instagram where they asked for help with product reviews on Amazon. They offered two free bars to the first 25 people who did so. I knew that they had met that number based on an updated post, but I still wanted to leave a review in order to help spread the word about the product. I wish I had known about them sooner, so I kinda figured I’d do my part by giving some feedback and product insight. I didn’t expect to get any free bars out of it, so when I got an Instagram DM telling me thanks for the review and letting me know they wanted to send me two free bars despite having already hit their 25 review mark, I was shocked. By the time I actually checked my Instagram and saw their message, it was two days after they’d messaged me. It just so happened that I’d placed an order for a box the night before. For the purpose of transparency and full disclosure here is how it went down:bia DM 1Bia DM 2

    I was pretty floored. Not only did they take note of my review, they put two and two together when I ordered (I ordered directly through their site—not via Amazon). That is my definition of adding value to your brand. Keep in mind, they didn’t do this publicly for the sake of self-promotion. Not everything is about outward appearance. Sadly, it’s becoming more and more rare that this is remembered.

    Of course, how would one come to possess a box of perfection and not share half with their spouse?

    hubby bia 1
    Either it’s love, or totally off my rocker!


  • Shipping: 10/10
    I’ve only ever ordered directly from their site, but the bars are also available on Amazon. I have always had my orders ship the same day or next day. They are sent by 2 day priority USPS. So far, we’ve never received any damaged products in any of our orders. There’s no unnecessary packing material (for those who are environmentally conscious and wondering).
  • Packaging: 10/10
    Fun colors, easy to open, and keeps the product fresh.FYI: The company recently changed their product packaging after increasing the size of the bar. They also updated the name of the bar. This was not due to a change in ingredients, but because of the way was everyone was describing it. I tried the bars before and after the modification, and so has my husband. We could not tell a difference in any way between the two (other than the size, obviously).
  • Website: 8/10
    The site is easy to navigate and is not over-stimulating. I would like the ability to create an account so that I could store my info and reorder faster. A PayPal order option would also be a good addition. I also wish the site had info on the product back-story. I’d like to know more about the company, the team that runs it, as well as the overall mission and vision. (I’m weird like that). Other people may just want to purchase from a site that doesn’t bombard you with visual overload. Yay for no pop-ups!!
  • Variety: 8/10
    There is only one flavor, but they nailed it. I’ve had other bars that start with a few good flavors, but then try to add more options without waiting until they get it right. That is worse—at least in my opinion—than having limited options that are excellent. Will there be other flavors?? I honestly don’t care one way or another! If this is the only flavor they ever offer, I can’t imagine ever getting burned out on it. If they do add more to their product line, I will definitely try them!

Anything else…

Okay, I’ll address the elephant in the room. You want to know how they compare to Quest bars. I get it. No protein bar connoisseur is going to want a protein bar review without a comparison to Quest. It’s the ‘standard to live up to’ in most people’s minds, right?

I know you won’t believe what you are about to read. I’m going just going to have to come right out and say it.

Unless you strictly want a low-carb bar, or unless you are going to critique based on Quest offering more flavor options and having wider availability (for now!), Bia Bars win.

Did she really just…? Yes. Yes I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Quest bars. Their texture and flavor are were superior to all the other protein bars out there. They still are… with the exception of Bia Bars.

Will I still buy Quest bars? Yes, but…

There ‘Bia’ a new favorite around the Cheeseman household!



Reader questions:

What’s your favorite protein bar?
Have you tried the Bia Bar yet?
Would you like more product reviews?


Special thanks to Amanda for letting us know that:



Additional Note: As of the time I am posting this, I have no affiliation with the Bia Bar company, other than being a product consumer. Although I’d love to wholesale the bars, I do not currently have a situation that permits this. If anything should change in the future, I will update this post accordingly.
I do participate in the Amazon Associates program. I only link to those items which I use and recommend, and would share with you even if this program were not available.

| Kaci

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