#KaciDoesKickStart – Navigating Frustrating Stimuli!

Very many times in the past, I have not responded to a frustrating stimulus in the best manner. I will often start dumping the thoughts in my head (which are unsane as @DrKashey would say and emotion driven) immediately out into words. This does not help in any capacity. It only makes my frustration worse (by upgrading a practical problem into an emotional disturbance – a.k.a. double trouble), and puts stress on relationships (if there is anyone else involved in the situation). Not pausing in these situations limits me at best and aggravates things at worst.

First, it limits me from the standpoint of being able to see creative solutions (because I get so focused in on the problem). Beyond that, if I immediately follow the first emotional rabbit down the hole, it’s very likely that it clouds my thoughts on what’s taking place and I end up labeling it inappropriately and/or even ineffectively. Perhaps what I see as a bad thing initially might actually be a net positive if I reevaluate the situation with a level head. 🤔

In the KickStart Program, I am learning to master the space between stimulus and response. What I will do differently next time I encounter this type of frustrating stimulus is use my frustration reaction as a trigger to pause rather than immediately respond with my initial emotion-driven thoughts. I will then use that pause space in between stimulus and response to help me act in a more sane manner. This pause will allow me to think rationally and clearly once my feelings settle and my emotion dissipates. Whether I need creativity to problem solve, or just composure to have a levelheaded discussion with anyone involved (rather than than flying off and immediately dumping what’s in my head out of my mouth). This allows me to tolerate, reframe, and/or resolve it on purpose and with purpose, which is going to serve me—and anyone involved—much better than ignoring or aggravating would!

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