How to Make Decisions on Purpose and With Purpose!

So many people get stuck in the yo-yo pattern with habits NOT because they can’t DO what’s in their best interest, but because they (unintentionally) aren’t thinking in terms of making decisions based on THAT perspective. The all-or-nothing cycle gets perpetuated simply because they make decisions based on what they think they “should“ do, rather than what would move them in the direction of their desired outcomes in a manner that is realistic, enjoyable, and sustainable for them given their unique life circumstances and personal preferences.

Making decisions on purpose and with purpose really comes down to 3 things: Awareness, honesty, and execution.

1 – Awareness. Knowledge is useful, but understanding is essential, and neither are very potent without perspective and perception. You must know what you want and you must understand what it takes to get it. It’s important that you utilize your value systems in determining what you are willing to do in order to achieve it. From there, you must also manage your expectations about a what’s reasonable to accomplish those things. Hone in on systems and processes, because, to be blunt, timeframes really aren’t important. There’s no deadline; just stay engaged.

2 – Honesty. When you stop deluding yourself, you’ll stop diluting your results. You’ve got to do the work to address your mindset and your behaviors. You cannot afford I congruence between what you say it is you are after and the effort you are willing to put in.

3 – Execution. You can’t just absorb, you must understand and integrate. Be willing to do the work and accept that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” plan and having all the details isn’t necessary to get going. How do you think people who start with average baselines (hello, that’s like 99% of us) become proficient at something? Practice. Messy action gets refined with time when you use feedback to make adjustments. This is legitimately the only way we can improve.

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| Kaci

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