Macro Friendly Mondays — Shrimp & “Grits!”

Today’s #MacroFriendlyMondays post is a #LowCarb #DairyFree #GrainFree version of a classic! Mark it down under #MacroFriendlyComfortFood! Now, the original recipe was made by special request in an attempt to get something close to cheese grits without cheese for someone dairy-free / grain free. I would absolutely say that, if you aren’t dairy-free, feel free to play around by adding 2% extra sharp cheddar cheese or Velveeta, you can even add cream cheese to make it next-level! See notes for more information.

🥣 Ingredients:
👉🏼16 oz shrimp (raw weight), cooked
👉🏼 11 oz butternut squash (cooked and puréed)
👉🏼454 g riced cauliflower (steamed)
👉🏼35 g nutritional yeast
👉🏼1 tsp Greek seasoning (or Cajun / blackened / old bay seasoning)
👉🏼1/2 tsp garlic salt

👩🏻‍🍳 Instructions:
1️⃣ Combine all ingredients (except for the shrimp) together in a bowl.
2️⃣ Divide into four equal servings based on weight.
3️⃣ Divide shrimp into four equal servings based on weight.
4️⃣ When ready to eat, place one serving of the shrimp over one serving of the grits mixture and enjoy!

📝 Notes:
❗️You could try swapping the butternut purée for pumpkin purée, but it will definitely have a pumpkin flavor.
❗️You can swap the shrimp for scallops.
❗️If you use cheese, you can omit the nutritional yeast. I would personally keep it just for extra protein and flavor, but it’s up to you!
❗️If you wanted to, you could use cream of rice in place of the cauliflower rice, or do half-and-half. Just play around if you need extra carbs!
❗️This recipe works great for meal prep!

📌 Save for later and share with a friend who might want to try it!

PSA: My #MacroFriendly posts can be used as as ideas for those who use a #MindfulMacros approach (AKA not tracking, but structuring meals based on how their body responds best to protein, carbs, and fat) as well. This is the goal place for some to reach after they learn the ropes by tracking for a period of time. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to find your forever way to eat!

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Update! Check out Ashley’s remake and her ideas of iterating on the recipe!

| Kaci

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