Kaci’s Fridays Finds — Strong App Workout Tracker!

Y’all, I know that I am late to the game with tracking my workouts electronically, so don’t judge me! I have been using a pencil and notepad since I started weight lifting in my late 20s. I’ve downloaded a few apps here and there to try to track my workouts and progressive overload, but none was very user-friendly or efficient. Recently someone recommended the Strong workout app and I decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did!

Like most apps these days, there’s free and paid versions, but I’m just using the free version. I love that you can create your own workout templates, adjust the weight, and reps with each set, and even add an exercise if it does not yet exist in their database! The only thing I’ve run into this far with the free version is you can only create 3 workout templates. I’m fine to work around that building my own each time though.

What do you use to track your workouts and progressive overload?

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| Kaci

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