Five Tips For Saving Money On Groceries {FTT}

Groceries can add up quickly, especially for larger families, but eating healthy does not have to be expensive! Here’s 5 tips for how to save if you’re trying to stick to a budget with food!

1️⃣ Buy when on BOGO. This method works great if you want to stock up on what you use often when it is on BOGO. Stores like Publix and Winn Dixie have good BOGOs that change weekly. Meat, veggies, canned goods, frozen items, snacks, cereal, salad, drinks, produce, yogurt/skyr, and more are often on BOGO. You can also stack coupons with this offer, and in doing so, I’ve even gotten items for free!

2️⃣ Buy in bulk. Stores like Sam’s and Costco allow you to get a better price for food by buying in bulk. While I don’t buy everything from these stores, getting things like oatmeal, beverages, meat, coffee, frozen items (fruit, veggies, meat), protein bars, snacks, almond meal, cereal, canned goods, and even dairy products are worth getting in bulk. You can also save on household cleaning supplies and other items like TP and shampoo. That savings can then go towards your food budget!

3️⃣ Buy online. Sites like Amazon often have cheaper prices for specialty items. If you order at least $25 worth of qualifying items, shipping is free. I get things like Now Foods better stevia, PB2, Kim’s magic pop, cinnamon, and protein powders through Amazon.

4️⃣ Shop local. If you have access to a farmers market, you can often find local produce at great prices!

5️⃣ Meal prep. This might not work for everyone, but if your truly committed to saving money, prepping food in advance can help hold you accountable. Instead of picking up things spur of the moment, you will be committed to eat what you made so that it doesn’t go to waste. Planning your meal prep around sale items also helps to save. Keep a running list of your favorite meal prep recipes with items that are on sale frequently. Check online for weekly sales at the grocery stores you plan to go to, then choose your meals based on that. You can also make a double batch and freeze one for another time.

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s your best tip for saving money on food?
2/ Which of these are you going to try?





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