Kaci’s Friday Find — NuEthix Formulations RELAX Liposomal!

I saw several people mention this product over the last few months and finally decided to give it a try. Falling asleep has been a struggle for me, despite doing all of the conventional (and even some unconventional) strategies with sleep hygiene. Once I fall asleep I’m good, but I go through periods of time where I will sometimes lay there for hours, despite being exhausted! My mind sometimes plays a part, but even when I’m not stressed, I still seem struggle to pass out.

I wanted to wait until I gave this product some time to see how it would do, and I’m pleased to say it really helps! I take 2 droppers about 30 minutes before laying down and most nights I am falling asleep much more quickly! I have also noticed an uptrend in my time spent in deep sleep according to my Fitbit. There is no grogginess the next morning. You can also use this product for anxiety. Per the bottle, you can take a partial dose before a stressful event to help calm you.

As a medical provider, I’m not going to take just anything. The ingredients in this product are researched and proven to help with sleep and stress (see below for the ingredients). P.S. I’m not an affiliate, just sharing as always my favorite things on Fridays! The best price plus free shipping is actually via amazon here, not through their site.

Reader Questions:
1/ What has helped your sleep?
2/ Have you tried any other NuEthix products before and what’s your favorite if so?

| Kaci

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