The Not-So-Classic Cobb

Lunches a few weeks back turned out amazing! I will be making this #MacroMicroBowl again! I enjoyed it so much, I think it will go in as part of my regular rotation. I’m calling it The Not-So-Classic Cobb 🥗

What I really love is that it only took about an hour to prep everything for the week!

What’s in my bowl: Fresh Express Salad baby greens and butter lettuce, baked seasoned tilapia, diced England’s Best hard boiled eggs, Birds Eye asparagus (steamed then roasted), strawberries, Pero Family Farms raw peas (trust me!), Green Giant frozen steamed corn, Love Beets sliced beets, Publix reduced fat blue cheese, Back to Nature dry roasted salted almonds, and Newman’s Own raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Pro tip: if you have plenty of healthy fats from other sources like this salad has (fish, egg yolk, cheese, almonds), you can pour off the oil from the dressing to save some calories. See this post explaining this in case you are interested. Reminder that we need fat for satisfaction, satiety, hormone health, and fat soluble nutrient absorption. I would much rather taste my healthy fats, and salad dressing oil doesn’t do anything for me the way that the other fats in this salad do.

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever tried raw peas on salads?
2/ What did you prep for lunch this week?

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Are you ready? Let’s get growing!


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