A Quick #MacroHack {Vlog}


✅ When using salad dressings like vinaigrettes that have a lot of oil that separates to the top, you can save on fat and calories by discarding a good portion of it.
✅ Note: I am not advocating avoiding using some oil or fats in your salad, as you need them to help absorb the fat soluble vitamins, for satiety, and for health. That being said, there are some instances where I prefer to add fat that I can actually *taste* (like avocado, fattier cuts of meat, or nuts, etc.) versus oil which does not do much in the arena of flavor.
✅ When you first open the bottle of dressing, pour off the oil into an empty bottle. Depending on the type of bottle it is in, you can squeeze it to help push the oil to the top without losing any of the other layers.
✅ I will typically buy two bottles of the same dressing. I pour the oil off of the first one, then off of the second one, then combine the two bottles. I then discard the oil that remains once it has settled. Since the other ingredients push the oil level up even higher once the two are combined, it makes it easier to pour off what remains.
✅ How I log/track using this method: I typically log as one serving of the dressing even though I use two servings by weight on my salad. I figured this to be close since I get a full bottle of oil off of the two bottles of dressing.


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| Kaci

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