Five Tips For Effective & Efficient Self Care {FTT}

Life is crazy busy. I get it. As women, we often put ourselves last. However, if we are going to show up at our best in service of others, it is vital that we keep our cup full. With that in mind, here’s 5 tips for effective, but also efficient self-care!

1️⃣ Know what qualifies. Don’t feel the need to choose a self-care activity based on what works for the majority of others. A lot of women enjoy massages, bubble baths, or a mani/pedi, but if a massage makes you uncomfortable, you can’t sit still long enough for a bath, or you kill your nails with in a matter of days (like me), it’s not going to be fulfilling its function. Do what works to relax and recharge you.

2️⃣ Schedule it! If you have a routine “appointment” for your self-care practices, they are less likely to get pushed to the side when it is time to actually implement. It signifies to yourself and others that taking care of you is important. Encourage your family and those around you to schedule time for their own self-care practices. That way you will be supporting one another to follow through.

3️⃣ Be creative. Self-care does not have to be about expensive pampering services or extravagant purchases. For some of us, especially introverts, it may mean extra alone time to process. It could mean time to be goofy with a girlfriend. It could also be something as simple as applying self tanner for a little boost of confidence. It might be reading a book, meditating, or stretching. Self-care can be budget-friendly; even free!

4️⃣ Don’t neglect the big rocks. When it comes to self-care, a lot of us think about it as being those things which are the little “extras.” The reality is that maintenance is a form of self-care. The big rocks like daily quiet time with God, getting quality sleep, planning healthy meals, and routine movement of your body go a long way to charge you up and keep you at your best. When we fill up the right way, we will be less likely to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms in times of stress.

5️⃣ Protect your positivity. Self-care goes beyond just the body. It also involves our mind and spirit. Guarding yourself against negativity and surrounding yourself with people/things that encourage/refresh you will go a long way to fueling your positive energy.

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s your best self-care tip/strategy?
2/ Which of these resonates most with you?

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