#MacroFriendlyMondays — Healthy Sushi / Hibachi Options 🍣

This weeks post is a bit different as it’s not a recipe, but a healthy menu option if you find yourself at a sushi restaurant! This order was from Stix, but you can likely get it at almost any sushi / hibachi place!

I was pleasantly surprised that they finally got on board with the cucumber roll concept and now offer a roll without rice! Only one, but it’s progress! Most places will likely offer more options, but ask for your roll made without rice and wrapped in cucumber and if they will, the nori sheets. This roll came with smoked tuna, smoked salmon, and fresh crab. Then it was topped with 5 kinds of tobiko (fish eggs)! Instead of soy sauce, it came with a light soy vinaigrette. Some places with more options might also add veggies or avocado to the roll if you want that too.

The seaweed salad is another very common, VERY flavorful fresh and healthy option (at most places). Ours doesn’t use a ton of oil in the marinade.

Other macro-conscious options would be “lite rice” (where they use less rice in the sushi roll), brown rice, or just getting sashimi (or a seared tuna appetizer if they offer it). The broth-based soups are also a great choice but are high in sodium if that is something you are concerned about. They are full of flavor, but do nothing to get me excited lol. My husband loves them though! If you are at a place that does hibachi, you can get steamed or grilled veggies and lean meat. Steamed edamame is a great protein packed veggie.

🚨What to avoid! Yum yum sauce (basically just mayo with seasoning) or glazes (usually full of sugar), fried rolls (or “tempura” anything as this means it’s fried), rolls with tons of sauces, marbled/fattier steak (if getting hibachi), and most of the noodle dishes (usually the sauces are high in sugary and/or oil and that’s a lot of carbs), regular soy sauce (almost everywhere has low sodium soy sauce now, or you can bring liquid aminos with you).

That said, if you can make it fit, don’t hesitate to order whatever you’ll enjoy most!

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s your go-to when you get sushi/hibachi?
2/ Have you ever tried seaweed salad?

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| Kaci

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