Five Tips For Making More Creative Space {FTT18}


If you want to be more effective, you must understand the importance of introspection and creative time and then put it into practice. Whether it’s chasing big goals and dreams, honing in on how to make the most of your talents and skills, refining an artistic endeavor, etc., you need to give these things space to flourish in your mind with zero noise or distractions. The more you can manifest them in your mind and plan the action steps needed to take with them, the greater the chances that you will follow through on their pursuit. Finding creative space is usually the most difficult part. Here’s a few ways to get you going!

1️⃣ Get up earlier. This is probably not the thing you want to hear, but most of us are generally our most creative and introspective first thing in the morning. It is highly productive time before all the pressures and demands for our attention kick in. Journal ideas keep a list of plans and goals to review and reflect on.

2️⃣ Use commute time. If you have any significant amount of time which you travel to and from work, this time is ideal for utilizing as creative space because there are almost zero distractions. Instead of turning on the radio or chatting on the phone with a friend, use that time to flesh out thoughts, meditate about things, and pray over ideas. You can also dictate what comes to mind during these times to notes on your phone so that you don’t lose precious ideas.

3️⃣ Schedule it. Just like you would put an appointment on your schedule, build time into your week where you can have quiet time to think and reflect. Keep this time as sacred as you would any other important event. Let your family know that you will not be available during this time.

4️⃣ Replace the unimportant. Where can you pare back on other things like watching TV or scrolling social media? Instead of using 10 or 15 minutes to do something less productive, replace that time with creative space.

5️⃣ Walk and think. Letting your mind wander while your body is in physical motion is one of the most effective ways to think creatively. I love pairing walking with creative/productive time because I’m getting to benefits in one time period!


Reader Questions:
1/ Which of these would work for you?
2/ Have any tips for creative space that I missed?

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