#75Hard Day 17: The Pre & Postmortem Strategies for Habit Success {Vlog}


#75Hard Day 17: The Pre & Postmortem Strategies for Habit Success

▶️ In medicine, the postmortem is used as a learning opportunity. When a patient passes away from preventable causes, everyone gets together and runs through what happened. They use it as an opportunity to learn and not make the same mistakes in the future.
▶️ We can use a similar process in our habit implementation. When things don’t work, we can objectively evaluate to try to find out why. That way when we face the same circumstance in the future, the same problem I’ll trip us up again. I love that this removes the emotional negativity from a perceived failure and turns it into a means of success.
▶️ In business, the premortem is often used as a strategy to keep things from going wrong. People look ahead to what may cause failure, then reverse engineer the process so that they don’t end up with problems which could be prevented.
▶️ This strategy can also be used with our habit implementation. If we set a plan or goal, it is useful to look ahead along the path to see what may pop up unexpectedly and derail our efforts. We can then come up with a plan to work around them so that we still reach the outcome we desire if they do.
▶️ The post I mentioned about my O.A.T.S. method can be found here.


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